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Ever since I can remember I have loved flowers and the natural environment. My passion started from an early age with childhood summers spent helping my Grandparents in their garden; cutting sweet peas and crushing lavender pips between my fingers. For me, flowers are more than just my day job; they’re a way of life.

Flowers by Jay Archer

My award-winning WIX style is natural, abundant and eclectic with an emphasis on homegrown, seasonal and locally sourced flowers with quirky textures and old-fashioned scents. I crave unusual colour combinations and delicate scents and find beauty in the smallest of details like the hand painted silk ribbons we use from local craftspeople. If you’re in U.S., you can visit chicago floral design classes.

My thirst for creating unique, organic and captivating arrangements is never quenched. I find inspiration for my designs in everyday life; my mind never switches off, my pencil rarely stops sketching or my scissors cutting.

Wedding Timtam Design

Floral schemes by Jay Archer wedding Design will be a beautiful, real and honest reflection of you and your special occasion. Working closely with you, I take the time to understand your style and taste and the look you’re trying to achieve. Your arrangements will be completely unique; personalised with little details that your guests will instantly recognise as ‘you’. Touches like your favourite colour, your mums’ favourite rose or the first flowers he ever gave to you. Read more about what wedding stylist say about flowers.

TimTam Design (From our Blog)

All it takes is one look at the products to know that TimTam is helping chronic neck pain and they time and energy into the design of their products, making sure that they are as ergonomic as possible. This allows the user to not feel as though their body is interacting with something bulky, that doesn’t truly understand their body. The TimTam design also allows the products to be as portable as possible, which is important considering the fact that everyone from busy professionals in the corporate world to professional athletes are constantly on the go, and that certainly doesn’t mean that they should sacrifice their physical well-being for it.

Polish Pro Timtam

Here are some examples of some advantages and how well-designed their products are:

  • The Polish Pro product is dual-handed, which allows for a better grip, and allows the user to truly concentrate on the areas that they need the most. The fact that the user can grip the product with both hands and truly assuage the area that needs attention is optimal.
  • The TimTam products have no power cord, which makes them sleek, portable, and convenient.
  • The packages are all designed to be conveniently packed, giving you maximum value for your purchase.

We also provide 10% OFF TimTam discount code. TimTam is a company that has some reputable figures behind it – including coaches and world-class athletes – so this is not simply a company that marketers created to exploit the profit in a certain niche. Their website serves to be a resource, and provides educational videos as to how the products can improve the lives of those with particular injuries, or simply live a more than average active lifestyle.

No matter who you are – if you are interested in a healthy life, you should certainly, at the very least, have a look at the TimTam website and see whether some of its products interest you.

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Whether you’re looking for sumptuous arrangements or stylish simplicity, my schemes and styling will complement your wedding or event vision, perfectly.