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Cut Flovers

The Telegraph

Things haven’t been particularly rosy for home-grown florists for decades. The lure of cheaper, mass-imported blooms means that just 10 per cent of cut flowers bought in the UK today are grown here – a near-total reversal from 50 years ago.

However, a plucky new generation of British florists are fighting back against the dominance of invasive, non-native stems, choosing instead to champion varieties grown on home soil. And, increasingly, they’re getting the support of consumers, too.
From Cut Flowers Recovery article.

A Story from Elle

We both had signature cocktails for the guests:

Jon’s was a margherita called the ‘Dinghy Racer’ as they raced dinghies on the river in York for Jon’s stag do. It’s also Jon’s favourite cocktail.

My cocktail was called the ‘Vegas Punch’, which was an espresso martini. We drank a load of these on my hen in Vegas!
From Georgie ELLE Wedding article.

We had a donut cart for the evening: freshly-made mini-donuts which had various flavours of sugar.
We both love the smell of fresh donuts; they reminded both of us of being kids on bonfire night.


From Wedding Driftwood Place Settings article:

Our latest DIY wedding project comes from Vicki DeBlasi and Michelle Kelly at wedding events company Pocketful of Dreams. They organise weddings all over the UK and abroad, creating thoughtful, innovative weddings, including styling, decoration, sourcing products and materials and event management. Their driftwood place settings have a relaxed, natural feel to them, plus they’ll add colour to austere table cloths. The colour scheme is up to you…

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